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Choose The Right Hiking Boot To Enjoy The Hike


Select the perfect lightweight hiking shoes is much of a tedious process. It is somewhat like match making. If the shoe suits you, it lives long. If it does not, you feel disgusted. Since hiking is a nerve breaking passionate activity, you need to be careful while choosing one. Keep in mind that the hiking boot should go in sync with your hiking atmosphere and the venue in which you are hiking. Before tying the knot the boot, you must be confident with its fittings. Otherwise, your hike journey is not going to give you enough pleasure.




Variations of Hiking Boots

  • Hiking shoe: the ones that will give you comfort are the low cut models with flexible midsoles. For long distance tour, you can opt for shoes that have a trail running behind. With these combinations, a day hike will be an enjoyable one.   
  • Day hiking boots: here, the models range from mid to high cut and are basically meant for hikes during day time and short outdoor trips where you have to carry less load. They are often flexible and demand less time to be worn. A disadvantage – they lack the strength and durability that a backpacking boot can offer.
  • Backpacking boots: stretch out to heavy hiking in remote areas and multi trips in a single day wearing backpacking boots. Most of them have a high cut so as to support the ankle of the wearer. Their durability and strength makes them run for miles.


Hiking Boots Fittings

In order to check whether the hiking boot is fitting is not, know your size. Foot volume should also be known. Next, try boots at the end of the day because after all day’s work the foot seems to swell a bit. Wear proper socks. When you are shopping online, it is better to stick to a brand. Above all, have a trial session before going out for the final hike.  

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